Confront the global economic crisis,Yicheng held coference in Tianjin.

2009-07-15     pageview 2612

To be adapted to the recent economical situation and confront the effect exerted by the commercial crisis, Yicheng-logistics held a universal meeting of all the managers, discussing some related methods and seeking the best way for our company’s development.

T he Asian brand companies,such as Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. and Caribbean routes, South America,Mindle America routes which are the unique band companies of Latin American route attend the meeting. The managers come together and talk passionately, giving valuable suggestions for Yicheng-logistics’s recent situation and future development. They also put forward some suggestions of reform and innovation to strengthen the competition of Yicheng-logistics, in order that Yicheng-logistics can seek more opportunities in the commercial crisis.

Through this meeting, a wide range of countries in the exchange of culture, the "Yicheng- logistics" in the future development to provide more international service, a worldwide team. The meeting also provided for countries to a cooperative division of the bridges, the team spirit we have been considerably improved for the future development of the company established a more solid foundation.

After the meeting, all the staff expressed that they are confident for Yicheng-logistics’s future.Yicheng-logistics will provide a better service and security to you in the future.

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