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Yicheng Logistics Hong Kong Branch has successfully built up its consol box services from Hong Kong to Latin America.

Hong Kong is a free zone, no custom clearance and extra document(except particular goods). Meanwhile, the transshipment process is very simplified.

From the cost point of view, destination charges of ONE FCL is normally cost saving against multiple LCL.

In view of whole supply chain, it deducts slack time by waiting receive all the goods and avoids the high inventory cost.

After consolidating to be FCL in Hong Kong, we will provide direct service to destination. So it could reduce the risk of depreciation probability and minimizing the delay due to congestion of particular country.

At the same time, we could receive LCL cargo from Qingdao/ Tianjin/ Shanghai/ Ningbo/ Xiamen/ Fuzhou/ Shenzhen/ Guangzhou to Latin America via Hong Kong (Don’t need to fumigate if no requirement at destination).

We will provide more competitive prices and better services. Welcome to send a telegram or a letter here heartily!

Whole Routes

ARGENTINA 30-35 days

BRAZIL 25-30 days

CHILE 40-45 days

COLOMBIA 25-30 days

COSTA RICA 38-43 days

DOMINICAN 46-51 days

ECUADOR 30-35 days

EL SALVADOR 42-47 days

GUATEMALA 42-47 days

HONDURAS 37-42 days

JAMAICA 39-44 days

MEXICO 24-29 days

NICARAGUA 37-42 days

PANAMA 31-36 days

PERU 30-35 days

PUERTO RICO 42-47 days

TRINIDAD 46-51 days

VENEZUELA 42-47 days

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