[Picture]Yicheng Logistics Ningbo Branch Company Introduction

2008-10-27     pageview 3463

Yicheng Logistics Ningbo Branch Company always takes Tianjin Headquarter’s excellent management and innovation of self-awareness as the priority, so the working expansion of Ningbo is more and more comprehensive. Now, Ningbo divides into Caribbean, Central America, South America and other lines departments, and we have developed our own LCL operation.

To provide efficient and convenient shipping services for our clients, we have organized a strong team now, maintaining good cooperation relations with Shipping Company, Customs Broker, Truck Company and Warehouse.

Through an in-depth understanding of various lines and countries, along with the advantages of using the global network, we can provide more high-quality solutions for our clients in the future. Efficient working fettle can bring the professional services to clients.

We will always bring you more quality service through unremitting efforts and innovations.

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