Air Transportation Introduction

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Yicheng Logistics has Established the Air Transport Department since 1999, the main development trend is international Air Transportation, including booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, transportation and etc. Through so many years’ professional working experiences, we’ve already established good relationships with lots of airlines, such as JL, NH, OZ, KE, SQ, MP and so on. Meanwhile, the prices and services we offered are very competitive too in this field.

Air transportation plays an important role in the global logistics for its safety, convenience and speed. For the manufacturers who face to the global market, air transportation will be the most cost saving method when they pay more attention to the storage and customer services. Advantages as follows:

①Fast and direct, less restricted by natural conditions, the air route must be the shortest way between the two sides.

②High safety, with the advancements of technology, the more technological innovations of aircrafts created, the safer will be. So that less accidents makes the insurance relatively lower.

③More economical and longer serviceable life of airplanes.

④Low packing request, the stability and automatic landing system of airplane lower the request of packing. It has visible advantages in avoiding losses and damages of goods.

⑤Low request of storage in bonded warehouse.

⑥It’s better for the manufacturers to maintain the competitiveness and expand the market.

In addition, for the goods need strict requirements of time and those high valued goods, air transportation has absolute advantages.

We offer professional air services, constantly improve ourselves and optimize resources. With the development of economy in Tianjin, more and more airlines enter into the market and intensify the competition, which brings a strong power in development of modern logistics.

We provide the air transportation from major cities in the whole China, including Hongkong and Taiwan to most of the big cities all over the world, especially to Latin America, Europe and Asia. We also provide a series of services from door to door, including packaging, warehousing, documents brokerage, customs clearance, overseas clearance and etc.

We are sincerely looking forward to establishing cooperation and offering the high quality of services for you.

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