New Direct Consolidation Service From Shanghai To Valparaiso Of Chile.

2001-08-10     pageview 3488

On August 14, Yicheng Logistics Shanghai Branch will launch new direct consolidation service from Shanghai to Valparaiso of Chile. The new service provides its clients with more competitive rates and faster transit time of only 30 days.

In the Chinese market currently, the direct consolidation services to Central and South America are very lack, most of LCL shipments have been transitting via Hong Kong, Singapore and even European base ports. These services have such disadvantages as too long time of transportation, high costs and high risks of cargo breakage. The market needs more and more direct consolidation services between China and Central and South America.

A featured service combined with safe delivery, fast transit time and competitve costs, is always customers′ No.1 choice. As such, Yicheng Group is dedicated to find better solution for its clients and the increasing trading volume between the 2 regions. To launch the new direct service for consolidation cargoes from Shanghai to Valparaiso is a beginning to impel this brainchild to take shape.

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