(1) With its different insight and persistent exploring to logistics 
 business,with professionals and expertise,Yicheng logistics c-
 an not only provide tailor made solution, just-in-time info-
 rmation, professional suggestion to the clients in ripe marke-
 ts such as USA,EUROPE and CANADA, but also can pro-
 vides reliable package to clients in more fluctuating markets 
 such as South America, Central America and Caribbean Sea-

(2) Yicheng Logistics can provide wide range service for less 
 than container load(LCL) cargoes such as different vendo-
 rs for same buyer, different vendors for different buyers.Its 
 service coverage includes Asia, South Pacific, Indian subc-
 ontinent, Europe, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, North Am
 erica,South America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, 
 nearly 50 main ports which extending to almost 600 inla-
 nd points in thewhole world. Its service pipe from suppli-
 ers to end users not only includes physical transportation 
 but also include information management.Its Central and 
 South America's direct lane consolidation service break a 
 new era of the consolidation service from China to America.

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